Latest Events

Sat May 23 @ 8:00AM - 03:00PM
Corvettes at the Pier
Sat May 23 @10:00AM - 02:00PM
Memorial Day Car, Truck & Bike Show
Sun May 24 @10:00AM - 03:00PM
Corvette and open car show
Mon May 25 @12:00AM - 11:59PM
Memorial Day
Sun May 31 @10:00AM -
NCCC Florida Region Meeting
Sat Jun 06 @ 8:30PM -
Old Town 25th Saturday Nite Anniversary Car Cruise
Sun Jun 07 @10:00AM - 12:00PM
Brunch at Fishlips Waterfront Bar and Grill
Mon Jun 08 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
Monthly Meeting Social Hour/Dinner
Mon Jun 08 @ 7:00PM - 08:00PM
General Membership Monthly Meeting
Sat Jun 13 @ 4:00PM - 08:00PM
Kings Duck Inn Monthly Cruise-In


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Welcome to the Cape Kennedy Corvette Club (aka CKCC)!

We are a diversified group of Corvette enthusiasts who enjoy getting together either socially or competitively to support local charities. CKCC has been a member organization of the National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc since 1967. Currently we are the second largest Corvette club in Florida (as number 2, we try harder).  Among its members, CKCC can count both former and current astronauts. We actively support the Eastern Florida State College (formerly Brevard Community College) by providing numerous scholarships. Our annual "Vettes at the Port" car show raises funds for the National Kidney Foundation and Make a Wish Foundation. The annual Corvette Toy Run, in conjunction with the Brevard County Sherriff and Cape Canaveral Fire Department, collects toys and donations to assist Brevard County families in need. Our low speed autocrosses provide friendly competition and driving skill enhancement, as well as, supporting the clubs charitable work. CKCC meets at Jimmies Restaurant, 1279 Admiralty Blvd, Rockledge, FL 32955 (Cross Streets: Between Outrigger Cir and Halsey Ave) on the second Monday of the month. A social hour/dinner is available before the meeting from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. The general membership meeting begins at 7:00PM. All Corvette enthusiasts are invited to attend.

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The Award Pictures From the 2015 Vettes At The Port Show Are Now Available

Click the Link Below

Vettes At The Port 2015 Awards

Check Back Often as More Pictures Will Be Added

Click Here for Run for the Roses Pictures

Click Here for March of Dimes Pictures

As always, past event pictures are available under the Main Menu Item - CHRONICLES submenu Past Events.


The April Issue of The Spoiler is Now Available - Click the Link Below

For your reading pleasure, The Spoiler - April 2015 Issue

As always, past issues are available under the Main Menu Item - CHRONICLES submenu NEWSLETTERS.


President's Message

May 2015 Events

Good afternoon Everyone,

Here are just a few reminders of what CKCC has up and coming:

  • Monday May 25: Happy Memorial Day

  • May 19, 2015, 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM: Papagallos cruise in about three blocks south of De Soto Pkwy. in Indian Harbour Beach

  • May 28, 2015, 6:30 PM: Cruise In Burger Inn. On US 1 just north of Aurora Road Meet with the Harley owners group for dinner

  • May 30, 2015, 9 AM - 4 PM: Wheels, Wings & Woofs Car show to benefit Pets for Patriots Baer Air Hanger, Melbourne Airport

 Please check the website for flyers on these and more events going on. Have a great weekend...

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, have a great week!
Neena McAfee President CKCC


NCCC Convention Information

A note from our NCCC Governess, Brenda Teixeira:


Registration for Convention is NOW OPEN!!!!

If you think or want to go to convention, I strongly suggest that you become familiar with the information on the NCCC Convention website before this date.  In order to register for convention you will have to access this site.  On this site will be the information about the resort, the different lodges, the schedule of events, different day trips etc.  Click on the Convention emblem to access the site.

conv2015 logo2

 Please be aware you can not make a hotel reservation without registering for convention. When registration opens up, there will be a registration form to be completed for the different events (i.e. Low Speed/High Speed autocross, Drags etc.) and day trips. The car shows will be inside a building which will house up to 100 cars. If you think that you want to do a particular event or day trip but aren't sure, I would suggest that you register to be on the safe side. You can always cancel at a later date.

Speaking of day trips, there will four day trips. Mt. Airy Casino, Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery, a 2 and half hour cruise on the Hudson River and last but not least a tour of the Yuengling Brewery, All these day trips have costs associated with them. Once again review the information on the web site, to become familiar with what you want to do for day trips and events.

The Split Rock Resort has three lodges, which are a mile apart, there is a shuttle service between the lodges. They are the Galleria, the Willow Brook and the Lodge. The Galleria is the host lodge where everything happens. I would recommend that you go on site and review the rooms before hand. Do not bother trying to register for a room through the web site. When you click on the registration for convention you will be given a link and group code for room reservations. No room reservation by telephone can made till February 1, 2015 and only with a group code and you can't get a group code until you register.

Helpful Hints When Reserving Your Room

conv2015 logo split

The events will be as follows: A judged show and people's choice car show, which will be held indoors up to 100 cars. A rallye which will end with at picnic with a funkhanna and games. Both the high and low speed events will be held at Pocono Raceway. The Pocono Raceway is a 2.5 mile road course, you will need a high speed license to run the high speed so plan now if you are interested. The drags will be at the Numidia Dragway, this a 1/4 mile NHRA drag strip. A golf scramble to held at the Split Rock golf course.

conv2015 logo pocono   conv2015 logo numidia2

As you can see there are a lot of things to do and fun times to be had by everyone. I encourage you to attend, you will meet new people and make new friends and have a good time doing it.

I know that we have a lot of new members in our club who may not be familiar with some of these events, if you have any questions please to not hesitate to call me or e-mail me. Again review the web site's information.

Hope to see a lot of smiling faces at Split Rock.

Direct Link to the 2015 NCCC Convention Home Page

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the National Council of Corvette Clubs?

    Most of all, the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) is about having fun with your Corvette! NCCC brings the Corvette community together to enjoy and honor America’s True Sports Car - THE CORVETTE!

    NCCC is an all volunteer organization dedicated to serving the needs of the constituent clubs and their individual members. NCCC provides a comprehensive insurance program that covers most any activity that a club might pursue. The competition sanction program includes showing, parading, touring and even racing.

    Each year a National Convention takes place where NCCC members from the entire country gather for a week of Corvette fun. Many of these events are sponsored by Corvette related businesses that contribute to the experience.

    Membership includes the quarterly magazine "Blue Bars".

    Benefits of Belonging to NCCC




  • Q: What is the Future Corvette Owners Association?

    The Future Corvette Owners Association (FCOA) is the youth organization of NCCC. It's a unique "Corvette Club for kids" formed to interest the younger generation in the Corvette hobby. This is the generation that is the Corvette enthusiast of the 21st century! FCOA members are the foundation of NCCC's future and hopefully FCOA members will go on to be active NCCC members when they turn 16.

    Information on FCOA

  • Q: When and Why is a Waiver and Release Form Needed and Signed?

    What does the Waiver and Release form do for us and why do we have to sign it at every event?

    This form is the single MOST important document NCCC has. The Release and Waiver of Liability is the form that protects NCCC, its member clubs and NCCC members if an injured participant, worker, or volunteer sues you. All participants must sign this form as required.

    When are waivers required?

    Waivers are required for the following:

    All Sanctioned events.

    All Non-Sanctioned events if required by the Competition Rulebook.

    Any event whereby the venue requires a Certificate of Insurance.

    All Club Sponsored car shows for participants & workers only.

    When we have a car show at a dealership or mall parking lot, it is virtually impossible to require all of the general public to sign a waiver.

    When an event such as a car show occurs in an open uncontrolled area such as this where the general public spontaneously enters the area for viewing of the cars they do not have to sign a waiver. However, all of the Sponsor Club(s) members, workers, and all entrants must sign the appropriate waivers to adequately provide the NCCC Insurance coverage for that event.

    Suppose a spectator, participant, or worker does not want to sign the waiver?

    Anyone that refuses to sign a waiver is NOT permitted to participate, work, or enter ANY RESTRICTED AREA at any NCCC event requiring waivers.

    Parade participation and/or the chauffeuring of local dignitaries.

    These activities are “Club sponsored events” and participants, including those who are riding as passengers within the cars, MUST sign a waiver in-order for coverage to apply.

    Club members have a published social event in which members meet to eat & socialize at a public location.

    As this is a social event for members, waivers are no longer required.

    For more information on waivers and NCCC insurance visit the NCCC Insurance page at http://www.corvettesnccc.org/Insurance.html.

  • Q: What is an Autocross?

    At the autocross, you'll see a course set up on a large parking lot. Soft, rubber traffic cones will be used to form the course, which consists of turns, slaloms, and straights.

    Prepare your car before you arrive. Remove all loose items from your car — floor mats, driver's carpet, coffee cups, etc. Check tire pressures. You may arrive early and set your parking spot up with chair and anything else you feel you may need. After parking, go to the registration area. Make sure your car number is correct and be available by your car for officials to "tech" your vehicle.

    A course map is usually displayed on the side of the clubs' trailer. After the course has been deemed ready by club officials, participants may be allowed to walk the course. The first problem that confronts every autocrosser is staying on course, so the first step is to learn where it goes. A drivers meeting is held at the start and it outlines the rules and regulations for a fun and a safe event. Prior to the competition, participants will line up for a "parade lap" around the course in their cars. After you will return to the "pits" and wait for your group (catagory your car competes in) to be called to the staging area. When it's your turn, watch the starter and he will line you up and give you the signal to GO...!

    Starting off, concentrate only on determining the best line. In an autocross, we are concerned with three things: time, distance, and speed. To drive the course in the least possible amount of time, the line must offer the shortest distance and permit the greatest speed. As the formula illustrates, time can be decreased by either shortening the distance or increasing the speed — or better yet, both. Many times it becomes impossible to drive at the highest speed over the shortest distance. When this occurs, the best path is a compromise somewhere between the two extremes. It's usually over in about 40 to 50 seconds. Get your times and try to better them on the next run....!

  • Q: What is a Funkhana?


    A funkhana (fun-khan-a) is basically a similar type event as an autocross but much slower, safe for any type car – not abusive to the car like some autocrosses can be.

    These events usually involve a test of very low-speed driving skills such as backing, maneuvering through cones, turning a 360 degree circle around a cone, parallel parking and whatever else the devious chairperson comes up with (such as blind folding one of the occupants and having them take directions from the other).

    They often (like always), include some gimmick activities such as ring toss, putt-putt golf, hula-hoop, hop-scotch, bean-bag toss, scrabble, puzzles and anything else that requires driver and/or navigator teamwork. These events are usually timed.

    Funkhanas can be even be held car-less (no car at all) while others might have you start in a car and end up without the car. Some have you switch rolls as driver and navigator. Most do involve driving your car to check points or "stations" where the driver and/or navigator will have to perform the designated activity. Successful completion of an activity either adds points or reduces the overall runtime of the participants.

  • Q: What is a Rallye?

    A rallye has been described as an extremely large board game: public streets are the board, and your car is your playing piece. In each car, the driver and navigator carefully follow instructions that direct them along a given course. There is a friendly competition at the finish to see which teams followed the course most accurately.

    Rallyes come in various shapes and sizes, but they are all non-racing events held on open public roads.


    Gimmick Rallyes


    In a gimmick rallye, you solve puzzles and try to avoid being tricked. The only time constraint is a deadline to be at the finish location.


    Timed Rallyes


    In a timed rallye, you try to stay on time, arriving at checkpoint locations neither early nor late.

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